Disable editing (Map Viewer)

As the owner of a web map, you can disable editing for the editable feature layers in the map. You can do this in Map Viewer.

Disabling editing on a layer in a map is useful if you want to use an editable feature layer in a read-only map. You can also disable editing on a map to use it in one of the following apps that recognize this setting:

  • Map Viewer
  • Map Viewer Classic
  • Apps created from the Edit template
  • ArcGIS Collector

The following steps disable editing for the layer in a single map in Map Viewer. To disable editing for the layer wherever it is used if you are the layer owner, modify the editor settings on the layer instead.

  1. Verify that you are signed in and open the map in Map Viewer.
  2. Click Open actions Open actions and click Show properties.

    The layer's Properties pane appears.

  3. Scroll down to the Editing section and turn off the Enable editing toggle button.

    You must be the owner of the web map and have editing privileges to disable editing on the feature layer.

  4. Save the map.

When the map is used in one of the apps listed above, the editing option is not available for the feature layer.

To enable editing for the layer in this map later, repeat the steps above but turn on the Enable editing toggle button in step 3. You can only enable editing on a layer that already has editing enabled at the layer level.