Undeploy ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes

The undeploy.sh script is available for download from My Esri and is delivered as a .tar.gz file.

This script undeploys all the resources in your namespace while maintaining the namespace. This includes resources such as pods, services, secrets, and deployments. For cloud deployments, this script also removes the associated load balancer and any associated pools currently pointing to your cluster.

The script includes the following options to undeploy ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes:

  • Undeploy using a specified namespace
    • undeploy.sh -n <my-namespace>
  • Undeploy using a saved properties file
    • undeploy.sh -f <my.properties>

With each option, the script prompts for input to continue the undeployment:

  • If you specify n for no, the script immediately exits and preserves the deployment. This is the default input the script assumes.
  • If you specify y for yes, the script proceeds and undeploys ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes from your cluster.