Configure servers

As an administrator of your organization, you can federate a server site with your ArcGIS Enterprise portal from the Organization tab.

  1. Make sure the TLS certificate in the administration URL is trusted by your portal or contains the URL hostname.

    When federating an ArcGIS Server, the TLS certificate used in the administration URL must either be fully trusted by your portal or contain the URL hostname as either the common name (CN) or subject alternative name (SAN). If either of these conditions is not met, the federation process will fail.

    An example scenario would be an administration URL that uses a wildcard certificate signed by a certificate authority that is not well-known, like a domain CA. As the URL hostname is typically not included as a SAN in a wildcard certificate, your portal must trust the CA that signed the certificate. As a result, the root, and intermediate certificate if it exists, needs to be imported into your portal before federating.

  2. Sign in to the ArcGIS Enterprise portal website as a default administrator or custom role with administrative privileges to manage server settings.
  3. Click Organization at the top of the site and click the Settings tab.
  4. Click Servers on the left side of the page.

Add a server site

To federate a server with your portal, complete the following steps to add a server site:

  1. Click Add server site.
  2. On the Add server site page that appears, provide the following information:
    • Services URL—The URL used by external users when accessing the server site composed of a scheme, host, and single-level context. If you've added ArcGIS Server to your organization's reverse proxy server, the URL is the reverse proxy server address (for example, If your organization requires HTTPS for all communication, use https instead of http. Note that the federation operation will perform a validation check to determine whether the provided Services URL is accessible from the server site. If the resulting validation check fails, a warning will be generated in the logs. However, federation will not fail if the Services URL is not validated, as the URL may not be accessible from the server site, such as is the case when the server site is behind a firewall.
    • Administration URL—The URL used for accessing the server site when performing administrative operations on the internal network. The format of the Administration URL will be represented in this way:
      • GIS Server or Image Server:

      If you federate with a multimachine site or highly available ArcGIS Server, or if your ArcGIS Server is hosted in a cloud environment, use the load balancer URL in this field instead. The Administration URL setting must be a URL that the portal can use to communicate with all servers in the site, even when one of them is unavailable.

    • Username—The user name of the primary site administrator account that was used to initially sign in to and administer the server site. If this account is disabled, you'll need to reenable it.
    • Password—The password of the primary site administrator account.
  3. Click Save to federate your server site.

    Federating the server site may take some time to complete.

The server site has been federated with your portal. The server site will be listed in the Federated server sites section of the Servers page.

Manage a server site

You can perform actions to manage a federated server site, such as update the alias, view licenses, and validate the server site.

Edit server name

You can provide a user-friendly alias to help identify your federated server site by clicking the Edit button Edit icon next to the server name and entering a new name. Click Save to update the server name.


This name is used for display purposes only and updating it will not modify the URLs associated with your server site.

View licenses

You may view the licensed roles, extensions, and associated expiry dates authorized on a server site. Click the More options button More options icon and select View licenses.

Validate server site

You can validate a server site to verify the status of your server. Click the More options button More options icon and select Validate server site. You can also validate all federated server sites by clicking the Validate server sites button above the list of servers. A general status message appears in the Status row for the server sites being validated. Hover over the status message to view additional information.