Disable nonadministrative API Directories

By default, the ArcGIS Portal Directory /<context>/sharing/rest and the ArcGIS REST Services Directory /<context>/rest/services are enabled and provide a browsable HTML-based representation of your portal items, services, web maps, groups, and content. They also contain all of the actions you can perform on your portal items and services through REST. These directories can be a useful development tool; however, it is recommended that you disable these directories for production systems when you don't want users browsing your list of items, finding your services in a web search, or making requests to your portal through HTML forms.

To disable these directories, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the ArcGIS Enterprise Administrator Directory and sign in as an administrator of your organization. The URL is formatted https://example.organization.com/<context>/admin.
  2. Click Security > Configuration > Update Configuration.
  3. On the Update Configuration page, set the disableServicesDirectory property to true, for example, "disableServicesDirectory": true.
  4. Click Update Configuration.