OpenId Connect

Configuring organization-specific logins, such as OpenID Connect logins, allows members of your organization to sign in to ArcGIS Enterprise using the same logins they use to access your organization's internal systems. The advantage of setting up organization-specific logins using this approach is that members do not need to create additional logins within the ArcGIS Enterprise system; instead, they can use the login that is already set up with the organization. When members sign in to ArcGIS Enterprise, they enter their organization-specific user name and password into your organization's login manager, also known as your organization's identity provider (IDP). Upon verification of the member's credentials, the IDP informs ArcGIS Enterprise of the verified identity for the member who is signing in.

ArcGIS Enterprise supports the OpenID Connect authentication protocol and integrates with IDPs such as Okta and Google that support OpenID Connect.

To learn more about OpenId Connect, see Configure OpenId Connect logins.