Create presentations


This functionality is currently only supported in Map Viewer Classic (formerly known as Map Viewer). It will be available in a future release of the new Map Viewer.

A presentation is a collection of slides that show different views of the map. The slides can have different basemaps, operational layers, map locations, visible pop-ups, and titles. A presentation allows you to tell a linear, interactive story with the information in your map. Since viewing presentations only requires access to your map and a web browser, you can target presentations to a general audience. Presentations are also appropriate for summarizing data and communicating analytical results to technical members of your organization.


You can create and edit presentations for any map you own. You can save your own copy of any map that is not owned by you, unless the map author has enabled Save As protection; you cannot add presentations to a map you do not own.

  1. Verify that you are signed in with privileges to create content.
  2. Create a map if you haven't already done so.
  3. Create your presentation starting from either Map Viewer Classic or the map item page.
    • From Map Viewer Classic, click Create Presentation.
    • From the map details page, click Open under the map thumbnail and click Create presentation from the drop-down list.
  4. Create the presentation.

    To create a presentation, you configure a set of slides, set presentation options, and save your presentation to your map.

    1. Configure slides.
      • To create a slide, click Add Add to add a blank slide or click Duplicate Duplicate icon to start with an existing one.
      • For each slide, you can set the map location, add a title, choose a different basemap, choose the visible layers, and include a pop-up. Use the place search, your bookmarks, or pan and zoom the map to set your map location.
      • Edit properties for each slide by double-clicking the slide title or clicking Edit Edit in the Slides list.
      • To hide a slide from being shown when the presentation is viewed, click the Hide the selected slide button Visible in the Slides list.
      • To move a slide to a different position, drag it to the new position.
    2. Set presentation options.

      To set general options for your presentation, click Options Options to display the presentation Options toolbar.

      • Auto advance—You can choose whether the slides in a presentation are advanced manually by a user or automatically advanced between slides after a predetermined time that you specify. You can specify how many seconds to wait before automatically advancing to the next slide. Once the slide show has automatically advanced past the last slide, it will restart after 10 seconds.
    3. Click Save.

      The presentation becomes part of your map item. When others open your map, they can view it as a presentation. Consider creating a copy of your map if you want one with a presentation and one without, or if you want multiple presentations.

To make your map with presentation accessible to others, you need to share the map to everyone or a group (or both). Others can view the presentation in a web browser.

If you want to remove the presentation from your map, remove all slides and save the map.