Monitor and manage the organization

As an administrator, you can access ArcGIS Enterprise Manager to monitor, update, and secure the organization. Along with the software you use to monitor and manage your Kubernetes cluster, you can use ArcGIS Enterprise Manager to understand and reallocate resource usage for your ArcGIS Enterprise organization to ensure it's running efficiently.

Get to know ArcGIS Enterprise Manager

ArcGIS Enterprise Manager is divided into a series of pages that help you perform a variety of administrative tasks:

  • Overview—Monitor recent log messages, available disk space for system managed data storage, and status for system and utility service pods.
  • Logs—Review and explore all logs in your system or drill into specific areas using filters and log levels.
  • Security—View and import your organization's identity and trust certificates and manage your identity store.
  • Services—Allocate resources for GIS, system, and utility services by scaling pods, setting resource limits and service time, or by stopping and starting services.
  • System—Allocate resources for system managed pods to scale the number of pods and set resource limits for each.
  • Settings—Import a GIS Server license to update and add capabilities to your organization.
  • Updates—Apply software patches and upgrades to leverage the latest features, stability improvements, and enhancements.

Sign in to ArcGIS Enterprise Manager

Follow these steps to access ArcGIS Enterprise Manager.

You must have administrative privileges to access and use ArcGIS Enterprise Manager.

  1. In a browser, browse to the URL of your ArcGIS Enterprise Manager page. This is the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of your deployment, followed by your site context, and then /manager, for example:<context>/manager.
  2. Click Sign in.
  3. Enter the credentials of the administrator account you created during setup.