Manage service data

If publishers need to access data in shared folders to publish web services that reference data in those folders, the organization administrator must configure shared folder locations for the organization to create folder data stores. These shared folders store data for publishing.

As the ArcGIS Enterprise administrator, set folder storage locations when you create the organization. This is the recommended method. If you don't, you must register folder storage locations in ArcGIS Enterprise Administrator API after the organization is created.

Adding folders when creating an organization

Esri recommends that you register shared folder data locations for all clients and the organization when you create the ArcGIS Enterprise organization. When you register a folder share to the organization, you must also add a client path. This allows organization members who have privileges to publish server-based web layers to include that data in the maps they publish from ArcGIS Pro to ArcGIS Enterprise.

By adding shared folder data locations before the deployment is in use, organization members can publish without disruption.

Adding folders after the organization exists

If additional folder locations are needed as data stores for the organization, the ArcGIS Enterprise administrator can add them in the portal using the NFS host and path option.

If this is a new file share location, only the ArcGIS Enterprise administrator can add it. You will be prompted to confirm to proceed, because adding a new file share location causes all system services, utility services, and map and feature services running on shared resources to restart. These services cannot be used while they are restarting, which can take up to 15 minutes.