In ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes, administrators manage security requirements from ArcGIS Enterprise Manager and ArcGIS Enterprise portal. ArcGIS Enterprise Manager is used to import and manage certificates and to configure an identity store. Additional security settings are available from the portal. An overview of the security settings and workflows are described here.

Overview tab

The Overview tab in the Security page provides information regarding you organization's active certificates, including who the certificates were issued to and by, the expiration date of the certificate, and the assignment of the certificate.

The Overview tab also contains a summary of the identity store types used in your organization.

TLS certificates

On the TLS tab in the Security page, you can configure the TLS properties of your organization. You can enable HTTP strict transport security (HSTS), import and manage identity and trust certificates, and configure the TLS secret where the cert-manager certificate is stored.

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Identity store

On the Identity store tab in the Security page, you can secure access to your organization using Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), Microsoft Windows Active Directory, or the built-in identity store. When you use LDAP, credentials are managed through your organization's LDAP server. When you use Microsoft Windows Active Directory, credentials are managed through that directory.

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